Friday, December 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday on Friday

 I cast on a second pair of Christmas socks last Wednesday and have hardly touched them since the weekend. It's been such a full on week in the news that I haven't been in the mood for anything.

I'm using the After thought heel sock pattern by Laura Linneman and I'm knitting these with Voolenvine Yarns in the Lush base in the Holly Jolly colour-way.

Today I also received my third parcel of Voolenvine yarns. It only took three days to get here from New York, that has never happened before it seems insanely quick. I was lucky enough to buy some BFL sock yarn from Kristin. And I love the colours they are just amazing.

Happy Knitting!

Friday, December 12, 2014

FO Show

I finished my Christmas socks!

It's the Favorite sock pattern by Kristin of Voolvine Yarns. And I used Stray Cat Sock Yarn in the Joyeux Noel colourway on 2.25mm needles.

I have also cast on a second pair of Christmas socks using Voolvine Yarns in the Lush base and it's amazing.

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I have a FO!

These are my Toe-up Vanilla socks using Fibernymph Dye Works in the Bounce base. I knit them on 2.25mm/US1 needles. They are super soft and squishy, but sadly it is way too hot here at the moment to wear them.

We are expecting a top of 43C/109F tomorrow and we are also going over to my Mum's for my Brother's birthday lunch, and my Mum will be serving a roast dinner. I just hope she has the a/c on lol.

Happy knitting everyone!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


This week has been so busy I found myself counting down to Friday afternoon. And with yesterday reaching 40c/103f I was looking forward to have a lazy night in front of the television with my knitting until the power went out at 7:30pm, and didn't come back on until 10:45pm just as I was falling asleep.

So with today being much cooler I am planning on take away, knitting and tv. Fingers crossed we don't have another power outage.

This week I have picked a current WIP and my most recent stash enhancement. Not that I need any more :o)

I cast on the Knitted Patchwork sock blanket back in October and so far I'm loving it. It's great tv knitting. So far I have used Wollmeise, Lorna's lace and Gnome acres yarn.

I wasn't planning on buying any Christmas yarn, but when I was looking at my favourites on Etsy I spotted these goodies and I just couldn't resist. I love the packaging and the smell of the yarn is amazing. Stay Cat Socks is based in New Zealand and I find that the postage is quite reasonable. Tracy is also great with custom orders.

Happy weekend!

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Photo(s) of the week

I couldn't pick just one photo this week so I am posting two.

On Tuesday I received an order from Simply Sock Yarn Co. I was tempted by the super cute Bird leg bags (I'm a bit of a fan.) But then in the sale section they had 250gm skeins of Mineville yarn for only $25US. You can see how I had to buy two.

And then on Friday I received the ultimate Wollmeise parcel. Two skeins of lace and blend in the Nichts colourway. I am slowly marking off my Wollmeise "want" list.

Have a great week.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Bucket List

Earlier in the year I started a Bucket List. And one thing that I added to the list was to take a photo a day for a year. I have tired this before and only get to February. So I thought instead of waiting to the 1st of January I would start straight away. That day was July the 7th. International chocolate day. Yes that makes me laugh too.

I am mentioning this because I often think about my poor neglected blog and then thought that maybe I can try posting my favourite photo of the week on my blog.

This weeks photo is Tuesday's photo and it is knitting related. I have lusted after the Mont Blanc colourway in Wollmeise Lace for longer than I can remember. I am planning for it to be a Nuvem by Martina Behm. I ordered some needles and plan to cast-on over the Christmas holidays.

Have a great week!

Sunday, March 02, 2014


Since I finished my Amery shawl all I have wanted to do is knit all the things. It's funny when I'm being monogamous to a project, all I want to do is cast on more.

The first project I cast on was the Matchmaker by Martina Behm. I'm using Wollmeise Schwarz and Skandal Um Rosi WD in twin.

I then cast on another After thought heel by Laura Linneman. I asked Mike to pick out some yarn for socks, and this is what he picked. This is Ladybug fiber and it is so nice to knit with, and it wears really well.

I then cast on another shawl. It's the Milk run shawl by Cat Wong. After wearing my Amery shawl on Friday night I thought I needed something a little longer, but I also wanted something very simple for home, and I have wanted to knit a shawl with Madelinetosh Vintage in the Antler colour way for such a long time. I'm loving how squishy it is.

And Monkey in her hammock. We bought cat furniture for the kitties, and Monkey has spent most of the weekend like this. Our cats have such good lives.

Have a great week!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ravellenic games FO

I finished!

My project was the Amery Shawl by Donald Waalen. It was the perfect tv knitting project. My yarn was Little plum Yarns in the worsted  weight, in the "silver" colour way. I have one more skein left, so I'm thinking I'll knit a beanie.

                                         I love the feel of the yarn, it's super soft and squishy. 

I hope everyone has a great week.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yarn and muffins make for a great Monday

I'm not a fan of Monday's, normally because I go to bed late over the weekend, and then I have to struggle through Monday. And because Mondays are super busy, so it means very little knitting gets done.

However, yesterday I had the perfect pick me up, I had a package from Spin Monkeys, it's my first order from Tara, and I am loving the depth of her colours. And to make it a little sweeter, Tara is giving a 20% Discount on all orders, thanks to Molly from A Homespun House. I think the coupon code was "Homespunhouse". If you haven't watched her podcast, you should. Molly also has a Etsy shop of the same name. I am currently looking forward to one of her project bags :)

I am sorry for the slightly blurry photo, I'm not sure what went wrong. The light gray is a DK weight and the dark gray is sock weight yarn.

I also baked another batch of muffins last night, and they are amazing! They are a Banana crumb muffin. I got the recipe from the Lovin from the oven blog. And the only change I made was adding a little cinnamon into the muffin mix. I know they don't look appetizing, but trust me they are worth trying. 

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 16, 2014


The last time I posted I had a batch of mango & coconut muffins in the oven, I used the recipe from the blog My lovely little lunch box, and although everyone seemed to love them I think I would add some lemon zest  the next time I make them. I love both mango and coconut, but together they felt too gentle. And I did love that the recipe only called for half a cup of sugar. I'm always horrified when a recipe will call for 2 cups of sugar in a cake.

I also baked a batch of apple & cinnamon muffins yesterday, and they were amazing. The kitchen smelt so good. I found the recipe on the Add a pinch blog. The only change I made was sprinkling cinnamon sugar on the muffins before I put them in the oven. I will be making these again.

I am still working on my Amery shawl, I started working on the body of the shawl and it's moving along nicely. I'm still loving the yarn and the colour, I'm really looking forward to wearing it this winter.

And because it was raining all weekend, and ignoring the fact that it has 100% humidity, I made soup. Other than the flavour of this is soup, I love that I have leftovers for my lunch this week.

Have a great week.