Sunday, February 06, 2011

List update

This is my update so far.

1. Finish at least one garment a month. So far I am on track finishing two projects in January.
5. Take a photo every day. I have been very close but did forget a couple of times.
8. Bake or cook one new dish a fortnight. Completed for January.
9. Start a garden. Started and currently shopping around for a greenhouse.
11. Bake at least once a week. This one has been fun and easy to complete.
12. Lose ten kilos. So far I have lost three.
31. Give blood Completed and planning on doing this again in another twelve weeks.
13. Walk at least five times a week. Apart from this last week (due to the heat) I have completed this every week.

Although I haven't completed all my daily/weekly goals I am still very happy with what I have achieved. And I really enjoying progressing down the list.


Lisa L said...

Excellent progress!

Marion said...

Congratulations Kylie! Great effort. It's all about doing a few things on a regular basis...

Marion said...

Congratulations Kylie on achieving your goals! The secret is to have small tasks that you can achieve on a regular basis, but not over burden yourself...