Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday night rituals

I grew up like most children loving Friday nights.

Mum would pick my brother, Alex and I up after work and we would all go and do the grocery shopping. It would start with Mum at the butchers and my brother and I either getting hot chips at the chicken shop or checking out the latest cassettes in our local music shop.

We would then continue down to Franklins to buy the bulk of our food. I remember with fondness the treats my brother and I would place in the trolley when we thought our Mum wasn’t looking. While my brother went for things like Burger Rings and apricot bars, I went after the chocolate and jelly cats.
Dinner on a Friday night was normally chicken and more chips or one of Mums favourites, sweet ‘n’ sour chicken and rice. And of course my Dad wasn’t much of a ‘rice man’, so he would insist on steak, eggs and chips.

When all the shopping had been put away and dinner had been eaten we would all retreat to the lounge room and watch shows like The Golden Girls and other wholesome PG rated shows.

 As time goes on our tastes change, but one thing stays the same. The love of Friday nights. These days I am more likely to be treating myself to a nice piece of cake and a cup of tea. While sitting back with my knitting, watching a English murder drama or catching up knitting podcasts.

So as I sit back with my mini lemon meringue pie and my knitting I  hope you too are building Friday night memories.


Alex said...

I have told Annette about this Friday night ritual many times. It's funny that as I read... I realised that we both remember the same things.

Kylie said...

Mike has almost no memories of his Friday nights, which is sad considering how much fun we use to have.

Alex said...

That is sad. It is a shame when children don't have positive memories.

Anita said...

Hi Kylie,
Those memories sound amazing! Love that you keep friday nights going. My boys are in their teens and have recently told me how they loved our Friday night routine when they were kids especially. It was lovely to find that out!! We still do Friday nights, but differently. I wonder what they will look back on from here on in and remember? All nice things I imagine. Happy knitting.
Cheers, Anita.