Friday, February 07, 2014

Where does the time go??

It's been a while since I last posted anything here, and quite often I do think about my blog, but like most people I am time poor. I am also now back at work after three weeks off and sadly that holiday feeling is slowly disappearing. I am hanging on to the fact that Easter isn't far away.

Since I last posted my brother & sister in-law gave birth to the very sweet Charlie. Charlie is a very cool and relaxed little boy, it's quite obvious he is a second child ;)

And Mike and I also added to our family in the form of a super cute kitty called Monkey. And, let me tell you it is a name well earned.

Monkey is a rescue kitty from our local vet. She is so very sweet and so entertaining to watch. It's been quite sometime since we have had a kitten in the house, and I think we had both forgotten how much fun they can be.

And I am going leave you with my knitting goals for 2014.

1.Knit as least 14 projects. They can be projects I have already started but they must be finished in 2014. ( I have already finished three projects)

2.The bulk of these projects have to be knit from yarn that I already own.

3.The only time I am allowed to buy yarn is if it’s on sale, a gift for someone, my birthday, if I sell some yarn I am allowed to replace it with new yarn of the same yardage or if it’s a special base or colour that is a one off special ;) (Because I am only human)

4. I would like to knit as least one sweater, start a blanket and knit as least four gifts for family or friends. ( I have already knit one gift)

And so far I am quite happy with my progress :)
Happy Knitting!


Nadia W said...

Monkey is too cute! I miss the kitten days. Well sort of, the crazy energy and getting into everything, they can keep that. The constant cuddles were pretty awesome, though.

Kylie Ericoli said...

Thanks Nadia, I too love the cuddles :)

Alex said...

Monkey is very cute! She's even cuter that she's a rescue. rescue's make the best pets. I think somehow they just 'know'....(Although Charlie isn't a rescue,he's also cute lol)