Monday, February 10, 2014

Where everybody knows your name.

For some people that's the local pub, but for me it's the post office. And, oh the joy of hearing the words ''Hi Kylie, you have a package".

Today I was delighted to receive my first order of Skein worsted yarn. And, it is super soft. I was thinking about a matching stripy cowl and beanie. But for now I'm happy to just pet it.
And last weeks mail included an order from Tangled Yarns in Brisbane. They have a weekly email that drives me a little batty.  I consider myself lucky that I only bought three skeins of Crazy Zauberball yarn.

So today I listened to a podcast, and this is a new to me podcast. It's Subway Knits, by the lovely Maria. And I almost squealed with delight when I heard the intro, an interview with Martina Behm! It was amazing to hear Martina talk about her knitting life, and how she started designing, and how her husband is now involved in the designing process. 

I am still working on my Amery shawl for the Ravellenic games, and hope to be on the body of the shawl by the end of the week.

Have a great week everyone.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore getting packages in the mail! I do most of my shopping online, just so I can open presents when they're delivered. :-D

ambah said...

yarn parcels are the best! What a beautiful selection you have.

Nadia W said...

Too funny! My sister has the same relationship with the post office, and the guess of yarn\wool is almost correct.

Winnie D. said...

I've always been afraid of ordering yarns online because I never know how true the color is to the picture and dye lot. However after seeing how happy you and others are with it, I might give it a try!

Alex said...

I love those colours! Our post delivery guy knows my name, but is too consumed by his own misery to even muster a smile. lol You're lucky you get such a greeting lol

Kylie Ericoli said...

I love our post guy, he is super happy all the time.