Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yarn and muffins make for a great Monday

I'm not a fan of Monday's, normally because I go to bed late over the weekend, and then I have to struggle through Monday. And because Mondays are super busy, so it means very little knitting gets done.

However, yesterday I had the perfect pick me up, I had a package from Spin Monkeys, it's my first order from Tara, and I am loving the depth of her colours. And to make it a little sweeter, Tara is giving a 20% Discount on all orders, thanks to Molly from A Homespun House. I think the coupon code was "Homespunhouse". If you haven't watched her podcast, you should. Molly also has a Etsy shop of the same name. I am currently looking forward to one of her project bags :)

I am sorry for the slightly blurry photo, I'm not sure what went wrong. The light gray is a DK weight and the dark gray is sock weight yarn.

I also baked another batch of muffins last night, and they are amazing! They are a Banana crumb muffin. I got the recipe from the Lovin from the oven blog. And the only change I made was adding a little cinnamon into the muffin mix. I know they don't look appetizing, but trust me they are worth trying. 

Have a great week!


sarah said...

beautiful yarn. That muffin is making me hungry though.

Alex said...

I love the yarn colours. You always pick great colours when you make a purchase. To me, muffins can look lopsided, upside down, inside out. . . They all taste great lol

Kylie Ericoli said...

Thanks, it's easy when the dyer does such great work :)

Winnie D. said...

Love the yarn and the shop! Thanks for putting up the link

Anne said...

Lovely yarn :)
Thanks for the link :)